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Find a balance between your current situation and the „perfect world“ in an „art of the possible“

Enterprise Architecture

Based on the TOGAF model linking Business, Data, Application & Technology Architecture together.

Solution Architecture

Providing solutions on how to integrate IT with Engineering Technology and Operational Technology

Outside View

Providing Ad-hoc or regular consultation to get an outside view.


Industry 4.0 / Digital Maturity

nothing complicated – but still the basic requirement:

1) Computerization
2) Connectivity
3) Visibility
4) Transparency
5) Predictive capacity
6) Adaptability

IT/OT/ET Integration

Integration of applications / technologies from shop to enterprise based on open standards and unified namespaces.

Cloud Transformation

the times are gone where we all had enough resources to do everything by yourself.

Cloud transformation goes beyond „outsourcing“ – It’s about near zero effort on staying up2date and also forcing the suppliers to follow modern practices

Vertical and Horizontal Supply Chain Integration

Horizontal supply chain covers customer request to delivery. Now, the vertical supply chain, spanning basic design to decommissioning manufacturing plants, gains importance. Integrating external companies like EPCs and equipment suppliers, is key for a holistic process perspective.

Digital Shadow / Digital Twin

Digital Shadow is one way the if you change the physical world you change the digital shadow, a digital twin goes both ways.

harmonized contextualization across the application landscape is the requirement

Meet the gladiator

Wolfgang Purrer


25+ years experience in various Leadership and Architecture roles in Digital Manufacturing in Global Process Industry (Chemical, Pharma,..) which includes Automation (OT), IT, Operational Excellence, Data Science, Engineering & Asset Lifecycle Management (ET)

Possible Engagement

  • the good thing is, „IT-Gladiator“ is not my main occupation, so i don’t need to sell something
  • the bad thing is, because of my main occupation i cannot take full time engagements.

Kick Off

Clarify Scope, Budget, Drivers,

Alignment Business Strategy

Business Operation Model
Strategy Goals
Focused Capabilities & Sourcing Strategy
Value Chains.

As-Is Situation

Capability / Technology / Application Mapping
Level of Maturity (Business, Technology)
Business Prozess Design

Target Situation

Target Architecture
Deployment & Operation model


Prerequisites and Dependencies
List of possible actions


Address open questions and possible next steps

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