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IT Management & Enterprise Architecture as a Service (EAaaS) –

A holistic approach to align business, people and technology.

A clear target picture & roadmap on technology, data & business processes
to fulfill the needs of employee, customers and shareholders.

We gladiate to bring you into the driving seat of your technology

Business & Technology Mapping

Business Capabilities (why), your Value Streams /Processes (what) and the Technology (how)

Information System Architecture

Data, Applikation, Integration & Security

Digital Transformation

Step by step increase the maturity of your organization or start with a greenfiled approach

Citizen Development

LowCode / NoCode / RPA Robot Process Automation provides efficiency gains by the Business SME without a Engineer

Data / IoT & AI

Datasources, Contextualize, Visualize and allow Software to point you into the right direction and even make decisions

Cloud Transformation

SaaS, PaaS and IaaS enable you to move faster and focus on the core business – but you need to do it the right way.


From Strategy to Porfolio,
Requirement to Deploy
Request to Fullfill
Detect to Correct


Deliver Value Continiously

Agile Product / Portfolio Management

Deploy a portfolio which fits together

23 years’ experience in various Leadership and Architecture roles in
Digital Manufacturing in Global Process Industry (Chemical, Pharma,..) which includes
Automation (OT), IT, Operational Excellence, Data Science, Engineering & Asset Lifecycle Management (ET), Business Operations

If you are interested feel free to contact me. Xing or LinkedIn